Hark the hallowed voices that cry from The Original One as He descends from the heavenly Hall of Origin in a manner as holy as His Sky Plate. Soaring above the Spikes and Toxic Spikes bound to mortal lands below, Arceus pronounces His Judgment to be heard from the heavens. The Uber tier stands silent before Him, for none are immune and few are resistant to His STAB Flying-type attacks. When the time comes for the heavens to finally open, His Judgment shall come as swiftly as the tempest of a thousand gales.

Hello dear profile visitor! I hope you have a great day! My name is LaBalladeDesCieux, or just LBDC. I'm mainly a Ubers / OM / 1v1 player, that try to do my best, while being lazy sometimes :v

Talking of 1v1, I have won the fourth 1v1 Premier League, with Big Baller Barraskewdas, and a 6-2 record !

Currently Onsite-Analyses Translation:
SS OU: :corviknight: :volcarona: :rhyperior: :urshifu:
SS Monotype: :alakazam::cinderace: :corsola-galar::drednaw::gengar::klefki::pincurchin::reuniclus::rillaboom::seismitoad::torkoal::toxapex::xatu::zeraora:

Article Translations:
Les Pokémon des anciennes générations en SS OU
La room Sports
Les types Spectre en NU

Other stuff:
Gen8 Toxapex's AAA Analysis
Gen7 Arceus-Water's AG Analysis

I don't list my GPs and Facebook Spotlights, at least for now.

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