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  • whoops I ment -5 to because I am eastern my bad haha yeah we can do it anytime and especially I dont work tomorrow either.
    Hey, sorry I would have done the match earlier but I was at work. I work tomorrow from 4- 10 gmt -4 so anytime before or after that we could get our match done.
    Hey nothing to much here just chilling on my day off how about you? I am GMT -4 sooo any time today works out for me sense I have it off just let me know what time is good for you bro...thanks
    Just hada get that out there since he deleted my comeback, this "verbal swordfight" is over, Good Day
    Lmao, are you claiming Im into beastility now? You know, if my life was just "eating, sleeping, and trolling", im not too sure where "drugs, intercourse with STD* plagued women (and dogs)" really comes into play. So yes, you may consider yourself the victor of this "verbal swordplay", but all youve done is make hilarious claims that are irrelevant to this battle

    It is clear, though, that as much as you try to sit on that pedistool, you are quite embarrassed by that battle. If you were not embarrassed by both the battle and your ensuing comments/death threats that followed said battle, you would've stopped posting a very long time ago. And yes, I find it funny that you find the need to keep referring back to the time it took me to write this war story. One mere hour of my time on a rainy day in NYC was worth it to watch your lackeys try to defend you and others laugh at your dismay.
    In the words of my young, black friend Rmega: "You Tight"

    Have A Nice Day
    It must be, but im in 6A9 now so I hope this argument can be squashed so we can all be the bestest battle buddies ever
    Note: The guy below me decided to forfeit this "verbal swordplay' due to extreme butt hurt and severely hurt feelings. Im sorry =(
    Disregarding the fact you claim to have magical powers allowing you to sense other peoples emotions (yet more symptoms of drug abuse), I will tell you what you have been aching to hear: my comments were in mere jest. I sincerely hope now this train wreck life of drugs, intercourse with STI plagued women (and dogs?) will end (for the small minded, in mere jest = "it's a joke bruv").

    Though it is clear who the victor of our bout of verbal swordplay is, I must congratulate you for entertaining me for around a fraction of the time it took you to write that warstory.
    After deciphering the meaning of "bishes", I remembered you were not the brightest boy. So I took the liberty of finding the definition of "Bitches" for your enlightenment.
    bitch (bch)
    1. A female canine animal, especially a dog.

    As I do not wish to embarrass you, I will not be spreading rumours about your zoophilia. I am not at all wounded by my own words for the simple reason they are directed at you. Why would I deny something so funny you took time out of your busy schedule of eating, sleeping and trolling to make a warstory of?

    Have a nice day.
    I was at first, rather surprised by your response. One moment you are engaging me in a friendly discussion, the next you are bringing up the quote which I understand hurts you so, and has been deleted more than once by mods. After doing a little research though, I found out that amnesia can be caused by herpes and drug abuse. While I understand you believe you do not have aids, I do reccomend you get checked out for herpes. Drugs are also no way to go about combatting depression. Again, I will refer you to a picture based book on the subject. I hope I helped!
    I understand your pain, really I do. All that hard work and for what? A deletion. I am sure there are many support groups and perhaps picture based books available on the subject of the depression you are feeling at both your hard works deletion, and my comments.
    Nearly an hour? By the power of Greyskull Lakers that is a long time! There's no need to make excuses to make me feel better, you devoted a large amount of your time to finish the warstory and I appreciate that. Though I do admit to being in desperate need of improving my luck, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips.
    I'll think about it, though I'm not sure if your battling was quite up to scratch - and I don't think my comment really made up for it =( Thanks for putting so much time and effort into the warstory though, I appreciate it!
    I'm glad the feature was so well received. If you want more lines like the ones that made the feature a success, don't hesitate to challenge Loven.
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