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  • Hi we have to play for the farm league, i'm gmt +1 so tell me when you're able to play
    Hello. You're only an hour ahead of me. When DPP?
    what about tomorrow around this time
    I'm here now for about an hour max.
    hey we are opponents for the tournament director tournament. Do you hang out on irc? that's the quickest way for us to meet up.
    Im GMT-8 and I have no idea what -3 is lol. GB? Well I'll be available pretty much all weekend if you want to get a hold of me message me on skype Pink Reaper
    lol, we got stuck in the round robin pool. My time zone is GMT-5, but I'm busy most evenings. I'll try to be on tomorrow afternoon, as well as Saturday. I'd also like to say that I prefer playing Gen 4 on PO, so when we do play, lets do it there.
    Just a reminder that you need to get your match done for the No More Legends Tournament
    Hey man, when you on , please

    go online in mirc and talk with me

    #groto #baril or #pokemon

    we have 3 days for to play
    Eres de españa, creo que seria un poco mas facil hablar español si no te importa. A que hora puedes jugar :]?
    Hey, i can play today until late night my time. dont know if that works for you, if not lets play tomorrow.
    hey bro when you stay on search for me in mirc or irc

    #grotto #baril

    My nick [sky]kael or kael
    So, should we play on the weekend?
    yeah I can't play on saturday but I can on friday from 9 pm to 1 am and on sunday i'm free all day until 11 pm
    Hey bro when you can to play
    send your time zone
    send you stay avaible.
    i am on every day in mirc /irc channel #grotto. #baril
    search for me
    my timezone gmt -3
    i can to play always 10pm in my timezone
    I can play today but around 3-4 hours later than the time i am posting this. Dont know if this time its good for you though
    Hey we are paired up for the best of 3 tournament, im GMT-4 and i can play on most of the weekend.
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