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  • How do you spell Tier again? S.W.E.P.T? Lol jk, DW Serperior is..super OP, GG.
    Man I really thought Lucario was screwed. Closest game ive had since I swept from 4-1 with a paralyze choice Band Scizor. Good game.
    i mean okay my forte is lower tiers but i dont mind using my LumBerry Salemence every now and then. There are things just are good and even stronger anyways that will soon come out or are already out (Scarf Haxorus, MoxieCross)
    then im sorry for that but it makes no sense to have outrage a DW move but have it illegal what smogon thinks they run everything
    Thanks for the battle man! My Scizor was locked into Bullet Punch since he's banded. Tough luck on the Wish not getting to your Virizion. I'm shocked my Scizor pulled that off. I really thought you had secured that win. Good game!
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