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    healthy lifestyle thread

    I'm still alive and still loosely follow this thread. It fills me with nostalgia and has encouraged me to reflect. I've been on Smogon for well over 10 years now and below is a collage of the first 'fitness' picture I ever posted on these forums alongside a more recent one from a few days ago. A...
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    All sounds good Stallion, especially with your history of hip problems. Keep it up!
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    Hi Smogon folk, long time no chat. I still exercise from time to time.
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    Couple of photos in lieu of a proper update. Lots going on in the next few months - a warm weather training camp in the Canary Islands next week, a British championship race in Ireland in April and a 'sky race' in Norway this summer to look forward to.
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    Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire

    Barafundle Bay in Pembrokeshire
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    brought some peanut butter to the beach because standard beach food didn't hit my macros. also #quads #delts #abs #calves?
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    healthy lifestyle thread As the caption says, have been mostly focusing on running this past year and have only been back in the gym for a few weeks while rehabbing a calf injury. Depth is actually probably marginally insufficient as it may have been a few kilograms more than I...
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    Have entered an off-road ultra-marathon (50km) in September so most of my training focus is on that at the moment. Building up mileage while not sacrificing speed work is the current challenge. I've also moved to Cardiff so hmu welsh smogonites and explain to me how I am supposed to speak a...
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    Haha, its coming back to me now, I recall you were particularly jacked. I'm still training most...

    Haha, its coming back to me now, I recall you were particularly jacked. I'm still training most days, flipping between powerlifting and mountain-running depending on whatever injuries I have at the time (and whatever adulthood will, fuck adulthood...I just wanna do a Goku and abandon...
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    I am sitting here like 'ugh fuck I totally know this guy but I can't for the life of me put him...

    I am sitting here like 'ugh fuck I totally know this guy but I can't for the life of me put him in any context, I think you're a fitness bro but it's been years probably???' So hi
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    What do you spend the most spare time doing outside of gaming/forums?

    Like GotR, I also spend a lot of time debating, usually in very large groups. There's nothing quite like a good mass debate. And I find the more people involved, the better. I have a friend who has mass debated with me for years now and I must say, he is an absolute joy to watch. I would...
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    I guess you can try oatcakes as a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative.Or you can just have nothing and enjoy your crumb-free cuppa???
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    Official Cross Country/ Distance Running Thread

    Oversimplifying but have found, through over a decade as a competitive runner, that the majority of overuse injuries can be treated with a handful of simple exercises. For knee pain, stretch your quadriceps religiously and begin a protocol of back squats. If squats are too painful, do eccentric...
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    I think bodybuilding companies and magazines like to overcomplicate 'cutting' in order to push their products and it leads to the process becoming unnecessarily daunting. At the risk of going down the opposite route and oversimplifying things, it's just a matter of lowering your net calories...
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    healthy lifestyle thread

    total = 32,198 ft Everest = 29,029ft and I've done it with nearly 2 weeks to spare on my original target. If anybody wants a no-bullshit true fitness challenge that will completely change you in terms of both aesthetics and performance, here it is; run the height of Everest in a month~. (as an...