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  • Hey it's grezt to see that you're back (even though not really). We have alot of catching up to do. I don't really use Shoddy anymore I started using Pokemon Online since it supports 5th gen. I have to study, but it's great to see you again
    Tangrowth as a counter for CAP10 are you serious.
    First of all no Tangrowth runs Max SpD/+SpD Nature. it's almost always +Def Nature, 252 HP / some Def / Some SpA.
    And Modest Max SpA Life Orb CAP10 does 85.64% - 100.99% to the above Tangrowth with Ice Beam. Let's also not forget that CAP10 (4 HP / 252 Def, neutral nature) outspeeds and only takes 51.92% - 61.4% from standard Tangrowth.
    I was told that it doesn't matter, but I have to confirm this. BTW, don't bother catching a Pikachu unless it shows up on a !! or a !!! patch, it won't be surfing/flying otherwise.
    Hello Lightsabre I just managed to breed both a Jolly Tyranitar and an Adamant Nincada (evolve into Shedinja) just today or yesterday by the time your reading this. They both have 31 attack ivs and 31 Speed Ivs =). Thing is I need a place to hatch Nincada. I was thinking Eterna Forest or TurnBack Cave. I cloned the egg so I might do both, but where do you think is a good place to hatch Shedinja, Eterna Forest or Turnback Cave?
    Hey, we have a pending trade: Tangrowth and Gible for Lucario, let me know when you are available thanks.
    I'm in a slump LightSabre. I did the Ev reducing berries you mentioned but then I noticed that Latias is already at level 100. =/ So I dont even think you can Ev train pokemon at level 100, I heard you can somewhere but I dont think it has been confirmed.
    Ah thanks it worked. How many Ev are dropped each time these are used though?
    Hey since you're online I need to ask you for a huge favor. Can you possibly trade another Latias for me. I went and hacked the Evs on the other one you gave me and I now I dont think its legit. I feel kinda bad dropping this on you so I can offer you that Naive Jirachi I told you about before

    I can also take the other Salamence I cloned and train that into a CB Mence with Max attack and max speed. Right now I'm about to rebreed Jumpluff.
    Hey Lightsabre, good news I finished Ev training the Salamence. =), One proble I overdid the Defense just a little, so the speed is lower. I checked on Team builder and Salamence is just 1 point behind the speed I wanted it to hit. =/ yeah that sucks but Dragon Dance makes up for that.
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