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  1. BST Tournament Round 4

    Couldn't find Lady Bug on irc today, sorry. If it comes to a coin flip, just give him the activity win. :/
  2. BST Tournament Round 3

    Team sent in and pm sent to Lady Bug. Sorry I'm late!
  3. BST Tournament Round 3

    I apologize for not having sent in a team yet. School has kept me busy, but I'll send a team after my math midterm today if it's not too late.
  4. Battle Royale - Sign Ups

  5. BST Tournament Round 3

    I won against Marcurcio for R2, thank you for the extension. I'll PM my R3 opponent once I finish making a team. GG Marcurcio!
  6. BST Tournament Round 2

    Activity post. I haven't heard from my opponent and it looks like he hasn't sent his team in either.
  7. Pokemon TCG #3 - EX - Round 1

    I think I might have to sub out. I haven't really had the time to build any decks for this or try out the metagame. Sorry Mekkah! :<
  8. DM's Hokey Karaoke! (ROUND TWO)

    Sorry my submission is late, but here it is: I couldn't quite get the Family Matters theme song right, so instead I did the Pokemon World theme song (Orange Islands saga).
  9. BST Tournament Round 2

    No contact from my opponent yet. Sorry I missed the team deadline, just sent it in.