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  • I accept your challenge for Mayor. I am on PS and ready for battle.
    Username: Morningsun 17; send me a PM before you challenge so that I know it's you.
    OK sure - it is a little complicated - sorry

    There are three individual battling games - you get bonus points on your ranking for winning
    King of the Hill - Wifi only
    Mayor of the Mole Hill - showdown or PO
    Tsar ofthe Other Hill - WIFI or Showdown

    Therules are basically the same - anyone can challange the king/mayor/Tsar If the challanger wins, they are King. challanger chooses tier or style (triples rotation)
    The king has 48 hours to battle or they get booted off and any two people can battle for the title

    There is a group game called battle Family fun that is like the king of the hill game except teams of players compete - every day at least one team can challange the "king" team. You get points for winning chllanged. The team with the most points at the end of the month wins.

    You can also just battle other BABA members and report the battles here to count towards your BABA rankings.
    Well dont be afraid to battle me. I am one of those guys that just do not get the whole know which pokemon beats every other pokemon thing, so I pretty much stay at the same mediocre level.
    If you need any pokemon, I use pokesav.
    Welcometo BABA
    So you are from Belgium. Is it nice there?
    I think my aunt was stationed in the military there a long long time ago.
    So we might not meet much due to timezones, but do you like to battle? I prefer wifi to showdown, but I do both
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