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  • i got caught up in helping my grandparents move, as they're really in debt and can't currently afford the home they're living in

    i tried to inform you but smogon was down / incredibly lagging all day :(
    not weekends, i meant weekdays and on but i'm assuming you already caught that

    annnd yup it should be, although i'll be on a bit later because the nebraska vs michigan game is on at 7 pm tonight. also keep in mind that my dad set a restriction on me (well intentioned, i might add) for my internet to cut at 2 am, just so you know!
    When's a good time for you? I've got quite a bit on my plate for today and tomorrow but I should be free starting on the weekends.
    I haven't been very good at being on MSN at all lately, either. :(

    I'm trying, but there are more important things than the internet for me to focus on right now. Hopefully I can find my groove again~
    Sean says (11:55 AM)
    Jake . said (11:55 AM)
    did you get rolling working??
    Jake . said (11:57 AM)
    oh god that's amazing

    apparently msn doesn't want me to send messages to you
    I don't even know if I have the iMessage thing. :(

    And I'm on MSN atm!
    Not doing much of anything, sadly... but I know you hate when I say stuff like that. :( Uhm, I've mostly been trying to piece together a bunch of Smog stuff I'm due to keep in order and also maintain a decent working out schedule. Also have been watching a ton of YouTube and finding music, since I've been rather sick the last week or so. Was just about to jump into bed for the night though!
    Alrighty, I certainly will... although I have absolutely no idea atm. XD

    Even if I were to work super hard on it, it's definitely something I'd enjoy doing and definitely worth doing. It'd be just the same as this: a present for me and you. And... at least I'm not a terrible demonic human being who would actually try to ravage your filesystem. :(
    Well honestly, I've never really been a movie person soooo hmm... I feel like all of these would be good selections depending on my mood at the time. :( And holy hell I would love to be in your roommate's position right now. x___x

    ALSO: I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing for yours. Whether or not I can get anything significant done in a month is what's questionable, though... I might have to sift through quite a few old MSN logs too, if I can find any. :x
    Honestly, I haven't seen 99% of them and really have no preference right now, at least. Maybe just whichever you'd recommend, for now? :D

    I wish I knew how to do any sort of programming. I'm in envy right now, to be honest. :(
    I feel special now. And thank you. :3

    Yup, I have been. It's been going for ~ 17 mins, and is very nearly halfway there which is pretty awesome imo.
    Yeah!! :D

    I'm thinking I'll be watching Blues Brothers later tonight or maybe tomorrow since it's 1 AM. :(
    Mother of god this is absolutely fantastic

    I don't even know where to begin
    Unless I'm thinking of something different entirely, yes, pretty sure I do.
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