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  • Sorry about yesterday, I wasn't too focused on smogon when I was on so I didn't see your VMs. I'm GMT+2 and my sleep schedule doesn't really exist so I can play practically any time tonight including the ones you listed for yesterday; tell me what works for you and we should get this done.
    Hey, I honestly don't think it would be fair for me to play. I hadn't realized we would still be using my team submission page when I signed up, but because we are I could in theory go look at any teams. I don't want there to be any accusations of an advantage, so I asked for a sub.
    We've been given an extension for VGC Minitour - I ask you contact me on IRC today. Both times you vm'd me I was busy with other things - barely even noticed I received a VM until you was either offline or until a ridiculous time my end. I apologise for not getting back to you earlier but I've been relatively busy with other things (both on smogon and irl) in which just replying simply slipped my mind. I still am relatively busy today (at points in which you might be around) and I did tell Macle this - I'll probably be around from about 11pm GMT tonight and will only wait around an hour. I'm in most of the tier channels so finding me shouldn't be too hard.
    It means 1/2 am my time, so no. I can stay until midnight (6pm est). If you can't play that early, we'll wait for the weekend.
    Hi !
    We are paired for the BW Uber Doubles Tournament. I'm GMT +2.
    When do you want to play ? I'm usually available the weekdays evenings and the weekend afternoons.
    There is a complete overhaul of Selects Elite, I am challenging all our members who currently have not made a trip to nats, if you loose you out of the group, sorry if it sounds harsh, but with the upcoming season, it is nesisarry with the upcoming season for us to be the best that we can be!

    - Golden Piloswine
    Sorry I only have PO1, I have tried to download PO2 before but it didn't work for whatever reason.
    I'll be on The Valley- have to fill in my team first though so it might take 5-10 mins.
    I'll be on at those times for the next few days, I can only do PO1.
    I don't have a team yet but with it floating around in my head I should be ready within a couple of days. I can do 12 pm - 12 am most days (GMT-7).
    Soon enough pairings are up. Vince and I get in and see our pairings. HitmonRocker stares at me. He then screams that he is at Table 1! I'm happy for him. He's paired with Andrew. Pre-Game Ritual and then we're off.

    In the photo right below Andrew is me, I thought the only person from Smogon I battled was KeepBayleefing.
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