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  • You keep suddenly leaving when I'm ready... I'm available until 00:00 in my time, which is 19:00 in your time. I hope to see you by then..
    It says you're online now, what about now? I'll PM you a link of PS! where we can battle.
    Extremely late for you means extremely early for me, which is out of the question for me since I have vacation xD. What about next sunday in the afternoon for you? Around 18:00 for me and 12:00 for you. Anytime from 12:00 to 19:00 in your time I'm available.
    I see you're online now, can you come on IRC in #genvuu ? I got a link to a working PS! server.
    Hey, you're my opponent in the UU Open. What time zone do you live in? I live in the Netherlands, which is GMT +2. let's battle as soon as possible!
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