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  • lc open, when, i am gmt -7
    I dropped a message on your profile with my timings,You can decide.
    Wait,actually I forgot to click "post" before coming to your message.So,Tell me when you are online and I can convert that to IST (my timezone) and see if your timings match.
    Now,I posted the message cuz my plan can't stay still.Either tell me your timings or take my timings.
    Hi there! I'm your opponent for the LC tournament! We have until the 24th to play our match, so I'll just list all the dates and times I'm available :)
    I'm in GMT+2, so the times will be listed in my timezone:

    4/14: 6pm-10pm
    4/15: 6pm-10pm
    4/16: 12pm-4pm
    4/17: 12pm-12am
    4/18: 12pm-12am
    4/19: 6pm-10pm
    4/21: 6pm-10pm
    4/22: 6pm-10pm
    4/23: 12pm-9pm

    Hopefully our schedules do not clash, Hope to hear from ya soon :)
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