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  • Good golly, Miss Molly! The last 2 weeks have been a month. Family health concerns, including one that comes with a trigger warning (I won't go into specifics. Speculate among yourselves) and another that is the final weeks maybe months of life. I've gone gray near my temples, like Dr. Strange, just from the stress of it all. Well that and the fact that I'm older than you are.
    Mad Monty
    Mad Monty
    Looking forward to all the new stuff coming. IYKYK otherwise stay tuned!
    Treat yourself today! Be good to others and don't get eaten by llamas!
    You there! Yes, you reading this! You're awesome and you deserve all the happiness you can muster! Get up and stretch, get something cool to drink, and have yourself a lovely llama-free day!
    Just heard that hurricane season is gonna be a rough one this year. All you coast folks be careful!
    Hey all! If you're interested, The Library is having a silly tournament, on Halloween! You're all invited to join up and any relevant information can be found here!
    Mad Monty
    Mad Monty
    If there's any further questions, feel free to stop by and ask!
    It occurs to me that I never updated my status. I am free of COVID-19. I've also taken steps to ensure that my temper is better kept in check. 2020 is hard enough without me blowing up on people.
    Be good, be well, and don't get eaten by llamas!
    As of May 1st, 2020, I have tested positive for COVID 19. I need everyone here, everyone to know, that this plague, this pandemic is not a joke. It is sincerely kicking my ass.
    Persistent and unrelenting fever, coughing (some dry, some... productive) and unwarranted fatigue. It's worse that all the trolls in Help combined.
    Be safe, out there, hm? Wash your hands, don't go out unless absolutely necessary.
    So, my laptop's motherboard shat the bed about two weeks ago. I am on the hunt for a replacement, so, that's why my activity across here and PS! have slowed to a crawl. No need to fret. I'm not dead nor did I forget about you fine people.
    I wish ya the best and I hope you aren't eaten by llamas!
    "Hey can you help me do everything but write my essay? If you say no, despite the fact that I know the rules, I'll curse at you!" Nice, guy.
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