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  • when bdsp ssnl im -3 usually available after 2pm my time
    I am waiting for you, Beranldinho, in order to play the match that was supposed to start 20 minutes ago.
    I am still online on the official Smogon tournament server, username "madvorak".
    Where are you, Beraldinho? I will wait for 10 more minutes, then I will leave.
    Hi, I'm your rd 2 opponent. I'm gmt+11, and I'll be available anytime this week, not too late though. Cheers!
    Great! So we are set! Our match will happen 2022-01-18 at 07:30 GMT (i.e., 08:30 Central European Time, 18:30 your time).
    I'm ready when you are, i'm Y2KCrater on smogtours
    I am ready!
    haha hi there! remember me? I was your opponent in Round 4)? on the VGC in Bochum..when i saw your name i remembered you..heey iam surprised that you are actually a smogoner and you even dont know peterko? :D he is also active here..and sorry for the battle, i had a good advantage but also haxed you a bit :DDD
    Ha, didn't know that. That's pretty cool actually - now I only need to gather people and we're good to go :)

    I have several alts on PO, but the one I use the most is Dragon Claw. I'm also known as DragonBreath, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail and Ass Ketchum (my testing alt). I rarely play on sims these days, but if you see me online feel free to drop me a message.

    Thanks for the FB invitation btw.
    Yep, it's Aleksandra Ćwikiel. Here's a link to my FB profile. Pretty lame I know, but I'm trying to improve it. xd

    Doesn't German qualifier require the player to have a german copy of the game?
    Hey, of course I do. :) Thanks for the invitation, I just added you to my friend list. By the way, the whole Soul Dew fiasco was my fault, as I was the one who prepared the rules for the tournament. Somehow I assumed that Flat Battle Standard Cup uses the exact Battle Tower ruleset, ie. the Soul Dew doesn't take effect even when equipped to Latios or Latias. I just checked Bulbapedia, and it turns out it, in fact, does. I'm terribly, terribly sorry for this oversight, I hope it didn't ruin the tourney for you (I guess it didn't since you were the one to use SD Latias in the first place xD).

    By the way, I've seen you wear a VGC 2000-something cap. Do you attend the Worlds regularly? If so, how do you fare? It is my long-held dream to participate in one those tourneys... eh, maybe next year ^^.

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