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  • wow really? FROM HALF HEALTH that does not activate multiscale idiot, you have to be at FULL HEALTH for it to activate nice try you fucking put all EVs at 255 other people have done it before
    hey dick I know what what multiscale does LOLOLOL and neutral meant nothing to you being at 30%-less and taking the +1 ThunderFang from Mence. But hey I guess you disappearing after seeing Mence troll your team proves my point. Nice talk kid cause even I could tell that D-nite was hacked at that point
    Oh and too freaking afraid to say anything on chat cause Salamence made showed you how freaking terrible you are, humiliated you....GOOD ONLY NOOBS PLAY AND HACK LIKE YOU! So I hope you feel like utter incredible shit. If you wanna play like that go back to your school cafeteria and play with your little kiddy friends.

    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv @below yeah Hackers never win
    OH so stall me for 50min with your shitty Blissey, Ferrothorn, Quagsire, and Tentacruel? Keep switching out just to be a dick? Wish stall, protect stall, switch stall cause you have no dam skill at all. It takes no skill to run Rain team that is well known but it takes even less to run Rain/Stall for lack of creativity and skill. If that's how you like to play games cause you think you are the biggest shit with a Hurricane D-Nite which according to the comment below is hacked then you are a NOOOOOOOB. And yeah I agree I was Moxie +1 and you were at 30% but live my ThunderFang!?!?!? Are you honestly that shitty that you need to hack to win!? I got about 7crits none of which mattered. Freeze hax matter but thanks to your stalling and evident haxing you deserve it you stally noob.
    I did damage calcs and dragonite could not have survived an ice beam from almost half health even with max spdef and hp because even hurricane couldnt have killed my scrafty. Your a hacker
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