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  • Hey, you wanna finish up soon? I'll be around tonight, or this weekend is cool too
    I will be on most of today so if you're ready just hop on #rarelyused and hit me up
    Can't seem to find you....breaking for dinner now will be back here and IRC after for rest of the night
    Hey, is in like 20-30 minutes ok? I'll be clear from then til the rest of the night
    Hey, I'm GMT +2. I have an exam tomorrow and Saturday, but after that I should be ready to roll. Anytime Sunday should be fine, and early in the week is good too, just as long as it's not too late (until like 1-2 am my time is ok). Any of those days fit you?
    yo we need to play for stabmons minitour, gmt -4, and i'll be on slightly reduced activity this weekend/part of next week so we can battle whenever we are both free.
    I know that this is picking on the weak, but when you get online battle in RU conquest please.

    My team: Riolu, Amoonguss, Spiritomb, Drapion, Musharna, Weezing, Omastar and Mandibuzz.

    Weak because you have 2 pokemon, not weak as in playing.
    Hey, did you hear that Fairy-type's been confirmed? Tbh, it actually seems cooler to me than it did before (SE against Dragons seems interesting), I just wish they'd come up with a better name than "Fairy." What do you think?
    Grass/Dragon would be a REALLY cool typing for Chespin imo, but I'm not sure that's actually going to happen :P. And yeah Fairy type sounds dumb so I wouldn't be a huge fan of that either. On another note, what actual Pokémon would you like to see get evos in Gen 6? I personally think an evo of something like Sableye would be really cool :).
    So hey, I just wanted to know... what kind of things are you hoping for in X and Y? I mean, anything's possible, so what would you want to see?
    Some of the new evolutions they made in 4th gen were great (Weavile is even my favorite pokemon... Too bad Bullet Punch exists XD). They had better make some new evolutions in gen 6 too!!! There are some Pokemon that really need evolutions. Especially Mawile. It's one of my favorite Pokemon, but it's just useless...
    Hey, you know something really weird I just noticed? Your username's Magical Magmortar, mine's Dat Blast, and Magmortar is the Blast Pokemon. I know it's kinda random, but I just thought it was funny. :)
    Hey! ^.^
    So I was just wondering... What made you choose Magmortar to be the Pokemon you included in your Smogon username? (I mean, I think it's a really cool Pokemon, just like why do you like it so much?)
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