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  • i'm on right now if you're up to battle. I'll be on CAP under chenn. if not then tomorrow at 2:00 PM PST. I'm on a lot in the day though, so it shouldn't be too hard to meet up.
    sorry i wasn't on then, but i didn't see your vm until just now. how about we battle on the 5th? if you see me on then you can contact me on irc at #stark or try and vm me
    I have finished my team and I'm ready to battle. I will most likely be open tomorrow and for most of the days until the 12th.
    I'm your opponent in the Third Stage Tournament. I live in California, and we can see when we can battle. You can contact me on IRC, I'm usually at #stark. I'm not done building my team yet.
    Hi, we have to battle for round 1 of the Point Buy tournament, so VM me back once you get this please and we can make a time to meet up (I am GMT)
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