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  1. B&W Research Thread

    I busted that a while ago and it is in the OP.(I changed my name from KYKE) Use Ctrl+f and type in what you are looking for.
  2. B&W Research Thread

    I have tried that and with my pendora that has swarm and when I took it back it still had swarm He would have gotten Quick Feet if it worked, maybe you need to leave the pokemon sleeping for a certain amount of time.Also it seems there is a limit of how many times you can use dream world during...
  3. B&W Research Thread

    I have saved pokemon and I can go into random Wifi when I want, granted that I use pokemon that I have caught in game any saved pokemon or that I have tampered with gets denied. and there seems to be a way around it since I have encountered a japanese player with a no guard Kingler spamming...
  4. The plausibility of online IR battles

    What exactly is the purpose of IR battle? so far the only place I have seen it in the game it only allows me to choose 2 pokemon and then wait for another person
  5. Ferrothorn

    I agree. Nattorei with higher Sp. Def and T wave support gets my vote. I have been using the Rugged Helmet item and every time It gets hits by a physical attack(he can take many) he shaves off 1/4 of the opponents HP, nice STAB with Power Whip, supports the team with T Wave/Leech Seed and when...
  6. B&W Research Thread

    I have Tested this item and what it does is that the holder will no longer have immunities. (I havent tested abilities) I used Dig with Warubiaru(Ground/Dark) on marks/bull holding Kenhourou(Normal/Flying) and it hit Kenhourou. I can provide footage if needed. So yeah the description of the...
  7. Comprehensive list of pre-existing move/ability/mechanic changes?

    My bad I got the hiragana mixed up but its still the same as I prove it here Im certain its ひらいしん now.
  8. Comprehensive list of pre-existing move/ability/mechanic changes? UPDATE HD VERSION: here you go I posted it on your thread on the other site too.
  9. Comprehensive list of pre-existing move/ability/mechanic changes?

    I can confirm that it doesnt work on Lightingrod, I took video of it but dont know if I can post a link here I only lurk here on smogon. I did it twice to a lightingrod zebra and both times it boosted its S atk and didnt paralyze it.