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  • Hey, do you care if I write the Overview for Pikachu? I had a brainstorm last night, and I really think you'd like it. If you wanted to write it, by all means it's your analysis so don't feel like I'm forcing you, I was just wondering if you'd let me. Thanks!
    Hey, sorry that Golem isn't receiving much attention atm. GPing comes quite slowly nowadays.
    I was thinking something along the lines of Waterfall/Encore/Sub/Toxic or Return. It makes him an excellent point to set up sweepers from, and he can poison Bulky Waters like Milotic, who'll try to switch into his Water STAB. Toxicroak walls him though, which is why Return is on there.
    Hey Amarillo, would you mind helping me with a psuedo-supporter set for Azumarill? I can write everything up, but I don't have the time to test it out. You seem capable and knowledgeable, and you also seem like you could help me out.
    Is it alright if you change the Golem's set name to Substitute + 3 Attacks? SubGolem is a little too specific when it can go more general; Gengar, Machamp, Alakazam, Heracross, Hitmonlee, and probably several others follow the same name path. Unless... you don't really call Explosion an attack, so perhaps Substitute by itself would work out better. I'd still vouche for Substitute + 3 Attacks, however.
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