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  • BTW, if you're using any unreleased dream world abilities or such things of that nature, you'll be reported. so double check.
    lol no, i don't leave a pokemon battle. I don't do anything "good" or "thoughtful" for noobs who bring whorish rain teams that carry the exact same pokemon as I've seen fifty billion times before, and as i recall, I did switch into blastoise and i did use dragon tail, so by you not being able to predict that, that makes you a total retard. Misdreavus' moveset: Thunder Wave, Will-O'-Wisp, Confuse Ray, And HEAL BELL. Pure support. I was just waiting for you to switch out so i could cripple one of your whorish noob pokemon. If you want me to bring a real OU team next time, I gladly will, and i will gladly kick your ass. Because,
    1. You can't predict for shit.
    2. You don't know when to switch out.
    3. You use pokemon that have nothing really interesting about them, so therefore your playing this game to be the best, not for fun.
    4. I'm playing this to be creative, and fun.
    5. I don't whore the same six pokemon every battle.
    6. You're just a douche.
    It could have been a critical hit, but I would have remembered something like that if that were the case. I also don't like how you mentioned Choice Specs when a damage calculation says it would have dealt around 50% damage with them and I remember that you had used Thunder the turn before but it missed.

    Just watch out, if people notice inconsistencies, they will know it's not the first time and will probably go to the blacklist thread first. Check your pokémon and make sure that everything is correct and within the legal limits.
    No need. A damage calculation from Smogon's calculator has determined that even with a Choice Specs, Draco Meteor would have dealt a maximum of 50% HP to Scizor. What do you have to say about that?
    That's right, Draco Meteor is a resisted attack. If it had inflicted 50% HP, I would not have a problem with it, but when a bulky Latios with no special attack investment that couldn't have possibly had Specs deals around 70% when it can survive a freaking HP Fire from Timid Magnezone, that's alarming.
    That specific Scizor was made to survive a Hidden Power Fire from Timid Magnezone and Rotom Wash.
    oh well idk. but scisor is not specially defenssive so unless u had max hp and max sp. def it wouldnt have mattered cuz latios is still strong but i dont know
    Choice Specs would have meant that you couldn't switch moves, but I remember seeing you used Thunder and missed, then used Draco Meteor as to not take chances of Thunder missing again.

    Whatever, I don't have clear evidence to support this, so I can't do anything anyway. It doesn't matter anymore.
    That doesn't make sense. If it's a bulky one, then it shouldn't have dealt 65-70% damage to Scizor with Draco Meteor.
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