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    Pokémon Aegislash

    I think at this point it's clear that the mixed set is entirely superior to the SD set. Shadow Ball is so incredibly difficult to switch into now, just about 2HKOing many of the common switchins to the SD set, and doing massive damage to anything that isn't immune. The SD set is quite easy to...
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    LCRUNUlympics - R1

    Lost to pokebasket GG
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    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    The fact that shit like Cofagrigus is being brought up is a pretty depressing statement about how people have to deal with Mega Kanga
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    The Battle Factory Tournament [Round 1]

    Won 2-1
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    Other Freed Ubers

    Tornadus-T will never be near as good as he was last gen, but I'm really liking Deo-D and Genesect. Genesect is always gonna be amazing, just by merit of his coverage, and STAB, +1 Atk U-turns.
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    LCRUNUlympics [Signups]

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    Other Overrated, Underrated, Fitting [SURVEY RESULTS POSTED]

    It's weird answering some of these questions, cause you kinda have to guess the usage. I don't play often enough to see the trends of usage, other than fucking Rotom-W and Genesect being on EVERY GODDAMN TEAM, so a lot of the choices were basically "fittingly rated" by default.
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    The Battle Factory Tournament [Round 1]

    contacted muh guy
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    The Walkthrough Tournament - XY Edition [Round 1]

    Still interested in playing
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    Yo Battle Factory tourney matchups are up. Can we go today?

    Yo Battle Factory tourney matchups are up. Can we go today?
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    Pokémon Kangaskhan

    Fake Out is free damage in the same way that Protect is a free turn. Opponents can easily take advantage of its relatively low power, and Kanga really needs the moveslots for coverage.
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    Battle Factory Tour [sign ups]

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    THEM SANDS-{._.} (peak #2 on the ladder 2690+)

    Messed around with this team for a bit, got to about 1900 with a pretty high winrate, but I feel like a lot of that was just my opponents not understanding how to prioritize what they needed to keep alive. I found that I had no real answer for a Rotom-W, in particular. All I could do was burn it...
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    Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    1) Chople Ttar also loses out on being actually threatening, and still gets OHKOd through Chople after some U-turn/Volt Switch + hazards damage. 2)I'm not comparing Ttar against Hippo, I'm comparing him to a hypothetical S-rank pokemon. If someone locks themseleves into Ice beam vs a Choice...