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  • Also your calcs for sludge bomb and psychic are way off, I can't understand what exactly you've written but it should be
    Sludge Bomb: 9*2/3+3+4=13
    Psychic: (9*2/3)*1.5=9
    Sorry, I thought you mean you wanted ALL of the original colours, including the clothes. I'll get right on it, sorry about the inconvenience!
    K, Here they are:[IMG]
    Same as before, if there's anything you want changed let me know!
    Kindle is very much male, thanks for asking. Orcinus keeps swapping the genders of my pokes. (Joy the Togetic is female, too)
    I think its fine for now.
    I'm just gonna give Kax a chance to change his orders due to the changes in reffing, then I'll order.
    No problem, glad to help! If there's anything else I can help you with, just let me know!
    Sorry, but I can't do much with the thickness, but here's just the vertical line thickened:
    Here's what I got so far:

    I've got two versions at the moment, one the original colour and another one with Ponyta colouring.

    I'd put more stars, but it's already quite crowded, and that's about the smallest I can get them and have them still be somewhat recognizable as stars. I can darken the white stars, if you want, because they're somewhat difficult to see at the moment.

    Side Note: Thanks! It was one of my first sprites, and... well, that's as extensive as it's backstory goes.

    Side Note Jr.: Well, it's like my great grandfather used to say: A pile of sludge disguised as a pony will always fall to the germaphobe squirrel-thing.

    My great-grandfather was a really strange man.
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