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  • You were on 3 days ago, and haven't replied :( Anyway, the round is pretty much over so I guess we're not going to have a lesson, I'll see you some other time. Bye! Also, you're meant to post your tutor evaluation, but we haven't had a single lesson, so I'm not really sure how it works in our situation.
    Hey Matrulez, I'm free pretty much all day everyday for this entire week, so whenever you want a lesson just notify me and there should be no problem getting it done.
    As soon as you get online today respond to this vm and tell me your alt then get on Pokemon Showdown please. Because of the holidays this is your last chance to have a lesson until next saturday.
    Ok Matrulez, on monday I'm leaving for holidays, there'll be no internet access there and I won't be back till saturday. I was hoping we'd have gotten quite a few lessons done by then and I'd be able to give you an "assignment" to do while I'm gone but that dosen't seem like it is going to happen. It would be really great if we could get a lesson done today, tomorrow and sunday, as soon as you get on today respond to this vm, if you're free then tell me where to meet up, if not, tell me if you'll be available tomorrow or sunday and when you'll be available those days. Obviously, if you can't do this on either of those days I won't be annoyed, real life is more important than pokemon, lol.
    That's ok, I'm on all day tomorrow, so early tommorow would be a good time to start if you can. PS! is back up, so if you want to meet there we can now.
    i live in US EST Time Zone. im not sure what that translates into as far as your time zone goes. i believe your timezone is GMT -10?
    PS! is down atm, I assumed you knew and I just put my PS! name there for future reference. Where would you like to go instead?
    Tommorow, 2pm your time would work perfectly. You can choose where we meet up, I'm TGMDoom on IRC, Great Mighty Doom on PS!, The Gr8 Mighty Doom on PO and greatmightydoom on Skype. I'm looking foward to tutoring you :)
    Hey Matrulez, you're my tutee for this round of battling 101. I'm on the same hours as you are and I can be on IRC, PO, PS!, wherever you want me to tutor you. Cya soon :)
    racing sims are ok. i havent played one in a while though. Recently ive been playing pokeMMO which is an mmo version of fire red that you can play co-op, add friends, battle, trade etc.
    Well, I'm not much of a NU rater, but I know that you need Rocks somewhere on this team. And away from it too. Also, Cinccino is better as a cleaner than a supporter.
    Sorry Mat, I stopped playing 5th gen after seeing how shitty these smogon officials are at doing their jobs. I only play 4th gen or earlier now. if you want to learn NU, Msg Don Honchkrorleon, for UU msg Ashley11, and dont play RU (its a shitty tier.) i wll on occasion play 5th gen against friends, but since smogon sets states facts like "anything over-centralized should be banned." Well then WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE POLITOAD THEN, HUH?! srry bout that rant but its shit like that that makes me not play 5th gen anymore :/
    Why are you inviting me to this razors thing? Was I a random invite or a chosen? I know about these kind of groups and it looks like since I've been gone, our generation just kind of died out. So, why did you invite me?
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