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  • Looks better, however you seem to have switched out Dratinis TM moves for another set of Egg moves, you need to switch his movepool around so that it contains his level up moves through 25 (Which is correct right now), 3 Egg moves, and 3 5th Generation TM moves. Lemme know once you have that switched around
    I don't know if you've seen it, but your gif/avatar is up, now compressed to 28KB.
    hmm there is a potential chance that I may miss out on that time period. Our planned schedule would likely simplify to "battle as soon as we are both online at one point" should I not be able to meet as planned.

    That sad, I'll do my best to show up in time anyway :p
    I'm available throughout much of this week and most of the following weeks, with next Monday taking particular preference (GMT -5 btw)
    Seriously, I can create a short GIF with Abomasnow's head, and his eyes moving from side to side.
    So er.. do you want your Abomasnow in original colours, or can I experiment with different ones?
    I'll get it done by the end of this week.
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