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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Hi! I'm the creator of the RBY LC thread on the Generation 1 subforum. Clefairy is listed as NFE both on-site and in the Teambuilder, but the RBY LC rules were recently changed (also reflected on-site) to allow Clefairy in the tier. No idea if this goes in the Smogon dex thread or somewhere...
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    Past Generations C&C Discussion Thread

    Gulpin is an interesting case: it's been blacklisted for analysis reservation in XY and SM and I honestly don't understand the reasoning behind this decision. The earliest mention of a reasoning I could dig up was this from sparktrain: Now, sparktrain is onto something here: Gulpin is...
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    BDSP Battle Tower Discussion & Records

    It's eligible! But per the OP: And for the side question: I've never heard about Enigma Berry not working in the Tower, could you elaborate on this? Enigma Berries are obtainable in BDSP if that's what you mean, being obtained from Kyogre's chamber in Ramanas Park or by talking to Following...
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    Other Tiers RBY Little Cup Discussion Thread

    Very much appreciate the insight here - it's great to have an LC player give their input :) I would actually like some discussion on this since Gen 1 LC is infamously known for struggling with this exact problem for years I swear to god this meta is cursed by some forest witch to arise once...
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    Other Tiers RBY Little Cup Discussion Thread

    Just added the explanation into the OP! RBY LC makes use of the level loop glitch, a glitch where you get a mon up to level 255 and loop it back to level 0, allowing it to retain level up moves at level 5.
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    Other Tiers RBY Little Cup Discussion Thread

    Reserved. You may now post!
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    Other Tiers RBY Little Cup Discussion Thread

    RBY Little Cup Approved by Amaranth Little Cup is a well-established format in later generations where the cutest combatants compete at level 5 in a captivating competition! Uniquely, Gen 1 Little Cup allows the use of Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglypuff, which would later become NFE from...
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    Past Generations C&C Discussion Thread

    Shinx's analysis for DPP LC has Thunder Fang listed on both sets as Shinx's primary STAB move, while mentioning that "Although Thunder Fang has only 65 Base Power, it is Shinx's strongest physical STAB outside of Spark.". Spark is the exact same BP as Thunder Fang, has superior accuracy (95 vs...
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    WIP Poké Job Guide

    Introduction In the eternal words of Professor Birch of the Hoenn region, "We humans live alongside Pokémon, at times as friendly playmates, and at times as cooperative workmates." It wouldn't be until players got a taste of the Galar region, however, that they would be able to contribute to...
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    Resource Forum Rules and Reservation Index

    hiya! could i reserve the poke jobs article?
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    Dex Bug Report & Structural Changes Thread

    Pumpkaboo & Gourgeist's non-base formes do not display their moves properly in the dex: Bizarrely, Super forme Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist display just 4 moves in their Moves section: There's also a possibility that this issue arises with other Pokemon formes (ex. Resolute Keldeo or Totem mons which...
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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Plusle and Minun are both flagged as legal in the teambuilder with Tearful Look in BDSP formats, but neither of them can learn it despite having it as an egg move. (they cannot be caught with the egg move in the Grand Underground and have no legitimate parents to breed the move on) EDIT: To add...
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    GSC In-Game Tier List Mark V

    Finished my run of Gold! I got to use some really fun mons this time around. As some general rules for my playthrough, I didn't use any items in battle, I tried to keep my team at exactly the same level, and I didn't aim for any specific DVs or stat training. FERALIGATR @ MYSTIC WATER LV. 55...
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    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Noticed a past generation teambuilder legality check that might be false regarding our favorite yellow rodent, Pikachu: BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED (LEGALITY) - Nature locks should not be applicable here except that no Pokewalker mon can ever be Quirky. The additional gender legality information is...