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  • I'm also bitchin' around for the spl, hope the panda will be good at tryouts ^_^
    hi! sorry for not replying to your earlier message, school was getting in the way etc. I'm available in the next hour or so, can we play in a little bit?
    Tom Sawyer (Linck) PM'ed you on French Spirit for your match. Check it please
    Actually I'm not playing at the OST. I'll just let my panda press random keys.
    I'm PST (GMT-8), so maybe around 10 am my time works because thats 11 PM for you? I'm on irc often and you can feel free to vm me if you see that I'm online.
    Cool man, I'm pretty sure we need to wait a fair few days until the Genesect vote ends, so maybe battle some time next week? That gives us time to adjust teams after we get the vote. Any time really is fine for me though; I'm on PS all the time so if a time is ever really good for you, just PM me (I'm easy to find) and we can battle then.
    Oh yes I think it could be a good opportunity, but... :/
    Pesadilla didn't in the OST?
    Pokespain is still down since the beginning of the week.
    Wait and see :/
    At least we're already qualified and surely in first place, so... x)
    Hey man, we're paired for the ST9 Round 1. I'm GMT + 11, on from like 10-11am to probably 1-2am depending. Shoot me a VM, PM, or even chat on IRC regarding times/dates. Oh and I'm cool playing on either PS or PO2; PS naturally is preferred for me, but I'm 100% fine playing on Grotto or whatever if you wish.
    Sup dude, we have to play for the French Spirit League (i assume you're ASH_CHAMPION uh ?_?). I'm gmt +1, vm me when you're around to fix a schedule etc
    You are the best ash champion that never win a pokemon league?

    (Are you Ash Champion in SPL?)

    You are my rival
    im gmt-8. were gonna have to coordinate on the weekend, and afternoon for either of us probably isnt going to work.
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