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    Sign-Up Apprentice Program Signups: SUMO OU

    Assigned to Sun Username: Melon Vodka PO/PS! Username: Melon Vodka Your timezone: GMT +1 Usual Hours of Availability: Evening after 6 p.m. Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I started play Pokemon when BW2 was dieing...
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    Complete and Comprehensive Battle Spot Statistics // Never Use The PGL Again!

    Wow, this looks really cool. I'm sure it will help me since I decided to start again playing BSS (if i'm not late, maybe is it me but it seems bss is losing players. I hope I'm wrong) What about to insert some sprites? For the teammates for example, I think it will greater with some mini...
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    Smogon VGC Round 1

    sorry, i'm really busy. I let to Janji the win
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    VGC 2016 Rules - "Uber" legendaries are back!

    argh, I have in mind to start build 4 different teams but I don't know the meta yet. My ideas are: Maxie's team: Trick Room with Dialga and Primal don with mega kanga as support for setting the room. Zinnia's team: heavy bird spam with physical Rayquaza and special mence, obviously i have to...
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    we have to play for the vgc tour. When?

    we have to play for the vgc tour. When?
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    Smogon VGC

    Best of 3 plz, I don't want see perishtrap every where
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    Smogon VGC

    Ops, sorry. I edited the post
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    Smogon VGC

    let's try it. IN Nickname: Melon V Friend Code: 1375 7605 7083
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    3v3 Singles Metagame Discussion Thread [The Pentagon is back!!]

    I think 'cause Extremespeed has +2 priority while Bullet Punch has +1. You can hit before thundurus for example and this one does not resist to Exspeed, but it resists to Bullet Punch.
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    VGC15 Teambuilding Workshop

    Can anyone help me with this core? I would appreciate it. Malamar @ Sitrus Berry Ability: Contrary Level: 50 EVs: 252 HP / 68 Atk / 188 Def Relaxed Nature IVs: 0 Spe - Trick Room - Superpower - Knock Off - Protect The EVs spread allows it to survive one U-turn from...
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    (oV)^^^(Vo) VZXT's Trade Thread (oV)^^^(Vo) [αS SRs: HP ❄ Genies+Hoopa][DexNav: Ditto]

    Ah wait, I bred a mudkip myself and I used TSV method for have it shiny. :] I don't need it anymore. I keep Houndour and Pineco, let spearow to another one.
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    (oV)^^^(Vo) VZXT's Trade Thread (oV)^^^(Vo) [αS SRs: HP ❄ Genies+Hoopa][DexNav: Ditto]

    Nope. You didn't tell me the nature and the egg moves yet
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    Is it a shark? Nope, it's a dragon (Garchomp Giveaway) [48hrs (lol) finished]

    Sorry guys, I was busy in these days. AggroTheWaffle and Batmatt99 : sent :) Tenryuga someone sniped it. I don't understand why people trade garchomp for a random Flabébé lol