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  • Yo Alan! It's Milan! I changed my name from PokemanMaster to CRITICO! Following my crit. Lol Great job! You've done us all proud! :D I look forward to meeting you at Nationals and hopefully Worlds again!
    I know they arent ;)
    I have saved the log and will send it to Sonuis directly.
    4 pm eastern time? this would be 10 pm for me. Maybe we could battle at 2 or 3 pm?
    I can battle you anytime pretty much, unless I am eating for the next three days.
    Sorry dude, could you please answer on my page so I can see if there's any activity by you?
    I was in vocation from 29th to the 4th but now I can battle.
    Tell me whenever you have time (on my page)
    We actually can't battle until 9 pm, so how about we battle after the 4th like on the 5th of January.
    I can't battle you tommorow, but I can battle you December 29th. If you don't want to battle on the 29th, we can battle anytime after the 4th. I will try to be on smogon's server the 29th. If I am not there just send me a private message, and I will probably be back within 5 to 10 minutes.
    Hey dude, you're my opponent for the first round of ST6. I won't be available from the 30th of Decembre to the 4th of January, so when do we get our battle down?
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