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  • There are still a couple of people I have not yet been able to reach, so that is why I am extending the UU Tournament sign-up period. I think I can actually get four or more people to join in--if I can reach them
    Do you know any UU players? If you do, please talk to them about the Tournament. See if they would be interested in competing.
    It has become standard procedure to send a group-wide VM out when each new Tournament once the Ubers Selection Tourney happens, you will know. Also, if you know any Ubers players and can convince a few to join, then I will bump the Uber Tournament up. I am toying with doing the NU Tournament first as I think that it could be used for better recruitment purposes
    Battle Arena Brain Selection Tournament

    Sign up for the Arena Tournament (UU) to become our newest Brain! There will be a cap at 8 people for this Tournament, however, spread the word and we will aim for 16. So sign up now!

    Let's keep this going!
    Tower Tournament Participant
    Round Two

    It is time to have your battle fought. We need to move on. Can you have your battle resolved sometime within the next couple of days? Or will you need an extension? Let me know as soon. Thanks
    Please report your postion to the Round Two thread

    Hey metal. How bout' we battle Sunday. 7:00Pm at battle tower or if it's not on then overexes at Pacific time. Tell me if that doesn't work for you and What's your username? Mines 44HY
    Round Two (Semi-Finals)

    Now that Round One is over we now are in Round Two! There is no change in the rules. You do not have to use the same team you used in Round One. There will be a week for you all to complete your matches. As with Round One, if there is any reason you cannot meet this deadline let me know.
    Report your battles here.

    Good luck and...
    Commence Round Two!
    Tower Tourney Participant,

    Now that we have reached the desired number of contestants it is officially time to begin Round One of the Tournament to decide the Salon Master. To advance you must defeat your opponent in however many battles you agree on. First goes or best out of three does not matter as long as the two of you have agreed on it before hand.
    Save replays of your battles in the event that a disagreement breaks out and the battle will need to be reviewed.
    Round One will last for two weeks. Have your battles done by then or you will be disqualified. Post in the thread that will be alloted to Round One that you have contacted your opponent before you battle as is standard Smogon Tournamen procedure. However, if there are circumstances that make this deadline impossible, let me know and I will be happy to adjust.

    Good Luck!
    Battle Tower Brain Selection Tournament

    It is time to start rebuilding this group. In fact, I will soon begin work on a project to add new members to this group, but I would like to establish the Brains before I do that. I would like to select the Brains from the distinguished Alumni of this group: all of you.
    Sign up for the Tower Tournament (OU) to become our premier Brain! There will be a cap at 8 people for this Tournament. So sign up now!

    Let's rebuild this group!
    Frontier Member,

    You are a member of the TRC Battle Frontier and have been active within the last 24 hours. You are getting this notification because there is a Roll Call now posted in the Frontier Forums. Please signify your presense in some way.
    Also, since it has been a long time since the Frontier has been active I have revamped the group and we will need to reselect Brains. There is an OU Tournament that you should sign up for. If you win, you will be given the title Tower Master and be the first Brain in the Frontier.
    Also, if you have not yet signed up in the sign-up thread do so immediately.

    Let's get this group going again!
    heya mb, trc is kind of lacking in active members right now (not so much activity in general, just members), so could you try and be active a bit? thanks man.
    I've been with TRC for several months now, and have recently come back from boot camp.

    I'm well known in my corner of Serebii, and I'm a well-respected member of TRC.

    I've taken control of the Platinum Brigade, and am helping BattleStar in getting it up and running again.
    Hey dude! Haven't talked to you in a while. We were wondering in TRC if you would be interested in filling our 4th Executive position. Interested?
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