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  • I'm GMT +1. if we can get it done this week its better, because i can connect on mornings. just pick some day that works for you and i'll get on for it
    we're paired for the ST9, im gmt +1 and im mostly available in the afternoons, when do you want to play
    I agreed with you on Umbreon until I tried it out a few weeks ago. Foul Play was a really big buff to it, giving it a consistent attack that does a lot of damage and can OHKO strong-but-frail Pokemon like Darmanian. I used Yawn over Toxic which meshes well with Protect and helps force out some of its counters. It's not stellar or anything but it's a decent supporter.
    i don't want to spam up the thread but i say snorlax hits harder because he has the option of choice band when pory2 obviously doesn't
    Wtf, I beat you in Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, and even Sonic Generations. Get out of my sight. :|
    Yeah I should be, find me on IRC or just send me another message here. I'm also idling on the PO main server
    lol I still go on sometimes so I'll check for you there when I can. Sunday or Monday would be the best time for me, when on those days would you be able to play? If not then we can try some time after christmas
    When do you wanna play for UU All Gens? We're playing BW UU. I'm GMT +0 just let me know when you can play!
    my internet died last night. are you going to be available to play at all today? i'll be frequently checking smogon forums today
    Yo, is 3PM at gmt+1 (10 for you) ok on saturday ? Let me know quickly, i need to organise a bit.
    Yeah, but I can't play before 6pm during weekdays, so ...
    This friday at 4:30PM could work for you ?
    Yeah, I'm trying to find you on irc but I'm gmt +1. When I can play it's like 2am for you.
    We could try to get this done this week end. What time would be the best for you ?
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