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  • They never got around, huh?

    Then I will say it: make a new thread for Gastly, copy/paste the original thread's OP to yours, modify it to your likings, and do link to the old thread for reference while saying you (well, I, lol) asked the OP to take over and you were accepted. The thread already has 2 QC stamps, but it was still in QC because it wasn't finished writing. So go finish its writing. ;) I think Gastly, being a somewhat top-tier mon, has a good amount of information to talk about. Please don't write 2 sentence paragraphs. Get in-depth.
    Taking Gastly? Go ahead and PM one of the LC mods (Dubs, Vader) about taking Gastly and that the OP expressed no interest in finishing it just in case.
    Flora asked me to help you with Swinub before she GP checked it. I made the post on your Swinub...and you havn't changed it.
    You should set your Phanpy analysis to [Done] by editing your first post, Go Advanced, and clicking [Done].
    What in the world makes you think that you can totally fail at doing LC analyses and still get stamps and stuff on-site? Are you an idiot?
    hey man thanks for completely ripping me off

    but the good thing is that thing is pre-missy ban and doesnt even have additional comments, so you can be sure no one will notice whats wrong about it!
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