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  • By starting a new game as soon as you save and reset the game you will always have seed 0. TID/SID cannot be RNG'd for.
    For non-bred it's same as R/S except seed is ALWAYS 0 instead of 5A0 (except when starting a new game).
    Not on retail cart but yes. It's a huge pain though because you can't tell where you are until you got it.
    Yes, i was trying to explain my situation, you know, getting a way of contacting the mods without the resource of using another account, as soon as i sent a message i got a ban and didnt had a choice to explain, sigh, might as well forget it.
    Muy bien, mas tarde te anotare. Por cierto, me parece genial que tengamos la misma edad. :D
    Bueno, tengo el Black y e compraran el White2, pero mis juegos no son hackeados. ): Mucho gusto por cierto. :D
    Well first off you should be making backups of your saves before you attempt to do the Pal Parking... if the transfer fails you should load both games and save again I guess.

    Do note that you'll probably get improper Pal Park trash bytes when you do that.
    Pokecommunity es un asco, plagiaron bastantes partes de la guía de smogon. En fin, no tengo idea que hayas leído allá, pero para confirmar los frames de un shiny solo se necesita la semilla, el TID, el SID, y saber que tipo de padres usas si pusiste huevo (DW, Ditto, y/o internacionales).
    Solamente debo copiar tu semilla, poner BW o BW International, tu TID/SID, y con eso veo cuantos avances necesitar para tu huevo.
    Cuántos años tienes?
    En fin, dame tu semilla y te digo cuantos avances hacer para el shiny frame.
    Yes. First off you need a dead internal battery. The message will come up every time you play the game.

    R/S abuse is the same as Emerald except the starting seed is 5A0 with a dead battery, eggs are done differently, and the ID/SID can be abused. So go here for Emerald stuff (scroll down) and here is an excel spreadsheet to find a ID/SID combo given a specific PID.
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