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    rude as all heck

    rude as all heck
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    too rude :(

    too rude :(
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    How did you meet your Showdown friends?

    i've met a fair few people i knew through irc, pokemon lab, or showdown. most of them are fellow melbournians, plus a few who were visiting from interstate for other reasons. i actually ended up as a teaching assistant in one of Alter's classes which was pretty funny. honestly, if there's...
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    Serious Alcohol

    i guess i'm pretty lucky in that i live somewhere with a good availability of good drinks. i don't mind drinking the house lager or whatever's cheap if i'm just going out for a quick drink with colleagues or friends after work, but it's so easy to find places that sell great drinks nearby. at...
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    Serious shaving your hair off

    your hair is fucking great
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    Serious LGBTQ

    i have no first hand experience + am not a expert but: the oral-digestive-shitting tract is classified as part of the "external" environment and is essentially sealed to the outside except for absorbing nutrients and water. the only time hiv would be able to cross into the bloodstream/internal...
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    What do you want to do as a career?

    well I'm doing a phd in physical chemistry (gas phase spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry) and my goal is to go into academia. I'm pretty cautious about getting my hopes up, of course, and I'm trying to set up a backup at the agilent (big scientific equipment and r&d company) centre nearby...
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    Serious NoFap

    source? how could going grey possibly be related to masturbation? like does it kill your pigment producing cells on your scalp? or are you talking about greying pubes? again, source?
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    Looking for fellow players to Skype chat with

    i too enjoy the taste of catfish
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    sweeper pls i need to further my social justice cause

    sweeper pls i need to further my social justice cause
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    i'm jealous of how close you are to the glorious hsp homeland

    i'm jealous of how close you are to the glorious hsp homeland
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    "lab report" lol how appropriate now

    "lab report" lol how appropriate now
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    nice avatar fakecrashers

    nice avatar fakecrashers
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    Favorite Songs from #-Z

    #: 1998 - Chet Faker A: All We Do - Oh Wonder B: Big Girls Cry (ODESZA Remix) - Sia C: Coeur de la Nuit (Worakls Remix) - Ferdinand Dressig & Marvin Hey D: Dancin' to the Sound of a Broken Heart - Galantis E: Elegiac - Tom Day & Monsoonsiren F: Flower Dance - DJ Okawari G: Ghosts - Crywolf H...
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    Applying to college

    going to o-week next week?