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  • And the fact you continue replying because you were incensed by an innocuous peacemaking post just proves me right. You really do need to grow up. You aren't going to "own" me or whatever. Stop trying to stir shit.
    It should have made you question if you were acting like a guy 1.5 years younger than me or someone who shouldn't be able to register because of COPPA.
    Belated congrats on the forum mods
    Glad you've been getting more active btw, you're one of my oldest Pokemon friends that I never talk to
    Yo, we need to play for the unSUSPECTed tournament. What's your timezone and when can you usually play?

    ... again
    Yo, we need to play for the unSUSPECTed tournament. I'm going to need a couple days to make a tam and stuff, but yeah... What's your timezone and when can you usually play?
    Uhm, Mien, in the research thread, am I reading it correctly when it says that you need to test when the "Critical Hit" message appears after using a move like Surf? If so, then it'd damage the Pokémon, say whether it's effective or not, then give the "Critical Hit" message like it would in Single Battles. Like this:

    "Politoed used Surf!
    (Hits your Starmie before the opponent's Pokémon gets hit, does however much damage)
    It's not very effective on Starmie..
    A critical hit!"

    It does that immediately after however many Pokémon faint. If it Criticals two/three of your opponent's Pokémon, it specifies which ones got CH'ed after the damage is dealt, like this:

    "Politoed used Surf!
    (Does damage on your opponent's Serperior and Dragonite)
    It's not very effective on the foe's Serperior and Dragonite..
    Critical hit on the foe's Serperior and Dragonite!"

    If I read the situation incorrectly, however, please just excuse this VM.
    Those days were pretty embarrassing IIRC. I recall even telling some of the veteran Ubers players how uncommon Forretress was in a tier I'd never even played. x_x Glad to hear I've at least improved lol. Been honing my writing skills little by little into something respectable.
    Hey, I'm not sure who else to ask, so: how does a user propose a warstory to be archived?
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