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  • I wasn't gonna post a one line response in the viability thread so I'll just tell you here that I simply heard that Custap Berry was released and Showdow let me use it in-game. As long as I can use it that's all I really care about.
    Hello! I've seen your post on the wi-fi section! Want to Ou ORAS battle? Here's my FC: 0963-1408-1787!
    I know it's not completely uselss on scizor. I guess what I meant to say it doesn't get boosted by technician, since it's a 65 BP move. And only moves with 60 or less BP get boosted, unless I'm mistaken.
    Thats correct but it would only get boosted vs itemless Pokemon and megas anyway as otherwise its higher than 60 bp anyway.

    Its a staple move on scizor this gen due to it being a strong move and the only move (other than pursuit) scizor has to hit Aegislash who is the #1 Pokemon in ou atm.
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