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  • hey we're opps for the tourney of second chances again lol, im gmt -8, friday night and the weekend would be the best times, although not saturday morning or night, just early afternoon. Just tell me when you can be on.
    i just got off work an hour ago. looks like tomorrow the hunt to catch you online continues :) [sorry bout that]
    hey mizuno, i am your round 2 opponent for the vgc tournament. i already sent in my team, lets figure out when to get this done
    Yeah, sorry I was in such a rush yesterday, I had to change computers. Anyway, I'm pretty busy the next couple of weeks but I hope we'll get this done before saturday. Otherwise you get the win.
    Ouch... that sucks. I will be able to be on then though, so we should be able to get this done. Yay!

    I'll be on the CAP server, shoot me a challenge whenever. I will be idling there, but I might be afk, really sorry if that happens...
    Hey man. Will you be on tomorrow? Deadline is Monday, we HAVE to get this LC battle done. VM me when you'll be on tomorrow.
    I'm on tonight, and can be on early and late saturday. Sunday is pretty much all good, let's get this battle done.
    I won't be on until possibly late tonight (I am frequently idling so seeing me on doesn't mean I'm there...) but if I see you I'll challenge you.

    I should be on a lot Wednesday. That's probably the best time.
    Heyyy man I am sorry I didn't show up I had car issues and got busy today :\ maybe we can get a extension until tomorrow night??
    Hey! shoot me a reply about the LC tourney. You've been on and haven't replied, that's not nice.
    Hey we still have our tourni match to attend to....how does tomorrow at 10 pm sound?? Aka Monday thanks....
    Hey, we have to battle for the LC tourney. When's a good time for you? I'm on like noon-3 (earlier if needed...) est on saturday and until like 4-5 on sunday... as well as tonight if you're on. Shoot me a VM, and I'll be idling on CAP and PLab.
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