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  • Kyurem it is! I will take it back now, and repost it. Give me 2 more minutes, And you're frogetting to post in ge convo btw xD
    Aghhghgg. It is on B1. I have got these: Alakazam, reshiram and kyurem. Really sorry, man.
    As long as it is not hat special ribbon from pokecheck or from an event, its good.

    Is it that ribbon?
    Also they can be any high level, 70+ is good, I was just saying so that we have a better chance of not being intercepted.

    Resh, Zek, Kyurem, Thundurus, Tornadus, or Landorus are the legendaries I have "seen" as well as the Regis (not Regigigas)
    I need to know which pokemon I should ask for before I deposit the Oshawott haha I'll stick around for a few more minutes
    It's OK buddy. Look, I have to go now, so let me know which pokemon from the ones below I can put it up for.

    I'll check again in 5 hours or so, and confirm. I'll put up a Male Oshawott Lv.1 traded for a lv.100 ___________, (Location: Canada) and we can trade that way.

    Thanks again.
    Um.... I can't see you... are you connected? [EDIT: Yeah let's go with the below option]

    Maybe we should just go with the next option.... seeing as I haven't "seen" too many pokemon, it's going to have to be a Lv.100 Resh, Zek, Kyurem, Thundurus, Tornadus, or Landorus :( Which do you prefer?
    If this doesn't work, I'll put up my Oshawott for a Lv.90+ [something that you have] and then you can find me there and trade.

    We should tell Serebii about this workaround hahaha
    I'm already there. Select "trade rendezvous" in GTS Negotiations, click my name, and let's see how it goes.
    Yes, yes I thought so. But the weird thing is that your person does not even show up in the first place :( Am I at your Join Avenue? (I also have mine set to nursery)
    It's not working O_o
    The guy I just traded GTS with was there, but you were not...
    Tell you what dude, if this works, once I get around to transferring over my shiny Poochyena from Emerald, I'll clone it and send it your way :)
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