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  • Yea, tonight. If you're not on tonight, then tomorrow night. I am also rusty, so don't worry :p
    I have PO, so we could play there. What about like tomorrow night? And when I say night I mean like 1 AM. I'm usually busy until then :/
    Heh, are you sure it was me, cuz I think I avoided Seaking at all cost because it's such a horrible monster xD. I did play GSC, though, so I would be up for a battle! I'll VM you when I will be available on netbattle, monster.
    A Modest Porygon 2 untouched, a fully EV'd, fully trained Aerodactyl or a fully EV'd, fully trained Gengar. The aero is Jolly, the Gengar is Hasty. The Gengar was the in-game trained one.
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