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  • Those aren't mammilary bodies as far as I can tell.. that's not till a bit farther back iirc. You hit the mammilary bodies when you hit the hippocampus, which isn't really visible in this pic. You're at the section where the head of the caudate is visible, which should tell you that it's more anterior than that. And your friends are right that there is no visible globus pallidus. I think that they're right and this section is a bit more anterior than that.

    This should be pretty illustrative:

    Once you get a better idea of how the basal ganglia look like in 3d, you shouldn't have so much trouble.

    Then again, I'm far better with cellular and molecular mechanisms and shit than I am with gross anatomy, especially since my formal anatomy class was two years ago, so you might want to double-check with your instructor...
    i am really bad with responding to vms and i was reading through some old ones so
    damn i don't want to pull a morm or something and be a designated creeptown

    Oh, wow... That sure must have tugged at your heart-strings badly, hmm?

    I'm not sure if this is as heartbreaking as what you've had, but my niece actually had developed Tobacco smoke-triggered Asthma during her childhood, seeing that both of her parents smoked during that time. I'm sure that it must suck for someone to get something like that because of the actions caused by one's own parents.

    However, this is the thing that's really outrageous: at one time during one of my shifts at work, I somehow found out that she has picked up on smoking herself, which is the absolute last thing that I would want to see her doing! Get where I'm going with this??
    I figured that it would be a good idea.

    Anyway, you sound like you have a certain someone in your life that has smoked to the point of getting permanent lung damage at the least. Does that happen to be true?
    i think you should learn the difference between a statement and a joke
    I guess you haven't hear this one yet
    okay well what they do is they paint the backs of the sheep that kick

    get it?
    oh hey you know what's better than posting about quantity? POSSESSING both quantity and quality without being a sudden jerkoff
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