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My avatars generally represent a game I'm currently playing or anime I'm currently watching for the first time, though it could just be a favorite that I've got on my mind. Here's the list (the avatars falling into the latter category, at least at the time, are marked with a *)

August 2015 - December 2015: Nagisa from Assassination Classroom [Wow aren't I a nice kid]

Such a good anime, especially if you're a nerd like me who has a huge association with middle/high school. Nagisa is p cool, but Karma is probably my favorite.

December 2015 - June 2016: Hajime from Ghost Stories [DIGOOGILYGOOGILYDIGIDIGIGOOGILTYDIGDIGDIGGITY]

Fucking hilarious, especially because of this guy. Even if you don't like anime, check it out if you're in the mood to turn off your mature/politically correct side for a bit

June 2016 - 8/26 2016: Konishi from The World Ends with You* [Put your hands up, do the peace]

Konishi was a bitch and kinda underdeveloped (to the point where I couldn't quite remember her name until I double-checked the enemy list recently :/), but Tigris Cantus is one of my favorite boss fights ever. TWEWY is also probably my favorite non-Pokemon game as of writing this in July 2016. Mostly playing it on and off to get the True Ending, since I already played through it back in 2013-2014.

8/26 2016 - 9/25 2016: Meta Knight from Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland's Quick Draw* [Up A -> Up A -> 'Nado baby MK's gonna take it home]

I needed a new avatar but I didn't know what to use since I don't have a game I'm playing a bunch of rn, so I just went with the homie Meta Knight. I'd also been speedrunning a decent amount of Meta Knightmare Ultra in the summer and plenty of Kirby Canvas Curse of course. Gotta say i love em both O:

9/25 - 12/16 2016: Buster from Arthur*

tfw school

12/16/16 - 2/25/17: Nova from Azure Striker Gunvolt [Ruler from above Hunt your sworn nemeses now And leave them no quarter]

God DAMN is this guy so hard. Finally got past the first phase today, will update when I get past the design (EDIT 1/6: and siiick battle theme) tho

EDIT 1/6: I think I got past the second phase on 12/18? Fun game, I'll do true ending another time though.

2/25/17 - 5/1/17: Shinra from Ikaruga (* kinda?) [I will not die until I achieve something. Even though the ideal is high, I never give in. Therefore, I never die with regrets.]

Ikaruga is probably the most artistic game I've played this far. I don't know, it just has this spiritual aura to it: Even though I'm terrible at it, every time I play it feels like some introspective adventure, be it trying to play it with no continues and getting bodied by the 2nd boss, or playing on Free Play and marveling just how puny I am to die to much simpler obstacles. The game's extremely vague, but thought-provoking, English text at the start of levels certainly adds to this enlightening feel. Music is also incredible of course.

5/1/17 - 5/31/17: Grandchildren from Fire 'N Ice (aka Solomon's Key 2) [ALL NIGHT PARTY AT GRANDMA'S]

This game is so good and cute omg

6/1/17 - 7/22/17: Excel from Excel Saga [TONZURA KOITE]

This is basically Me_Irl: The Show. Loved what I had watched (first 8 eps), really need to get back to it.

7/22/17 - 8/31/17: Gillian from VA-11 Hall-A [Every Day is Night in Neo Kobe City]

Only just started this game but I already feel like it's gonna be something really enjoyable. Also Snatcher reference PogChamp
EDIT: Thoroughly enjoyed this game. Living proof that you can make a game with plenty of loose ends and still be satisfied with it, given the feel the game.

9/1/17 - 10/14/17: Nago the Cat and Kirby from Kirby's Dream Land 3 [Hyper Zone Out]

omg this game is adorable and fun and the OST is amazing. HiKibbi

10/14/17 - 11/2/17: Epsilon-Eagle from Alien Soldier [VISUALSHOCK! SPEEDSHOCK! SOUNDSHOCK!]

Cuphead came out and my brother's been shitting on it and reminding me how much he loves Alien Soldier and how glad he is that no one's "discovered" it as a result of Cuphead being popular. Decided to more seriously give it a shot and I've been having a good amount of fun. Not an amazing game from what I've played, but very very good.
EDIT (10/22): My brother actually really likes Cuphead now and found out the creator knew all about Alien Soldier but didn't want people knowing that Cuphead was a complete rip-off so he never mentioned it. Nice.

11/2/17 - 11/14/17: Gillian Seed from Snatcher* [I live for the Pleasure of Tension]

Snatcher is a pretty cool game and you should go play it if you haven't (it's basically one of the fathers of visual novels). Not a masterpiece per say, but very enjoyable, and it's good to know your roots :ok_hand: Also great OST

11/14/17 - 1/11/18: Mr. Mew from The World Ends With You* [The Power of That Dream]

TWEWY is my favorite game that isn't a Pokemon game and the game I most want a follow-up for. There is a rumor flying that the sequel is happening. It's very possibly fake, but I will cling to whatever hope exists.

1/11/18 - 1/21/18: ??? from The World Ends With You Final Remix [That Power is yet Unknown...]

We'll take those

1/21/18 - 3/10/18: Finn from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War [I am but a page]

Finn seems like a cool dude while also being actually kinda good (think I slightly prefer Lex but his portrait doesn't look too nice). Also I just started this game and loving it so far, forgot how perfect Fire Emblem games are for commutes.

3/10/18 - 3/31/18: Lucia from Gley Lancer [「STICK TO IT, AND BELIEVE IN YOUR POWER」]

Idk if I'm actually actively playing this game but cute girl main lead + godlike CT material made me wanna do it. Just wanted something different from Finn. Anyways, game is great in my opinion because, much like Crisis Force, it is a shmup that is both very good while not feeling insanely hard (compared to every other good shmup ever) least I haven't reached that point yet and hopefully it's late into the game.

3/31/18 - 5/3/18 | 7/9/18 - 10/2/18: DEAL WITH IT FINN from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War [B R A V E B O Y S | BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE MIRACLE]

Finn dodged 3 65%s, 2 85%s, and 2 45%s in one turn, all of which would've killed. |
Actually jk I found out Miracle is supremely busted in FE4, unlike in Awakening.

5/3/18 - 7/9/18: Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk: Room 215 [about to call ur mom]

Just picked this game up for birthday and started it recently (well actually it barely missed the cut for my birthday list but i found it CIB at a good price at PAX so I scooped it up). Gives off very strange feelings of chill and mystery, seems like a perfect game to play before bed (unlike another visual novel I nabbed for my birthday, 999, which seems like a great way to stay up all night). NO SPOILERINOS PLS. haha jk i didn't play this yet i played 999 instead. I just liked the avatar and 999 is also a DS VN so close enough

10/3/18 - 11/19/18?: The Squad driving to the airport in Metal Slader Glory [「COASTLINE JAZZ」]

Tried this game for like 15 minutes once, seemed cool and been something I've wanted to play for years. Probably gonna play it in full this weekend wish me luck.
EDIT: I finished it, was quite fun. Not amazing, but fun nonetheless

11/19/18? - 1/4/19: That explosion in the F-Zero anime [Searching for the truth...]

No idea why I had this, it just kinda looked cool lol

1/4/19 - 4/30/19: Sho Minamimoto from The World Ends With You [CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!]

Zetta awesome character. Also played Final Remix recently, it was really good but not as good as the original gameplay-wise.

4/30/19 - Now: Ending from TWEWY [The future is a clean slate, and you're the chalk!]

Think I'm done with Smogon itself for now. I'll still be around on Discord and the Randbats Ladder though, but a lot of really positive, exciting, and motivating (if also stressful and kinda crazy) things have been going on irl and I've been feeling oddly optimistic. Here's to hoping I can see it all through!
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