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  1. "You're Bluffing" OU RMT

    Kay, I will switch up Gengars moveset and test it out. And I'll switch up the Celebi. I didn't realize it took away SpAtk... But one thing, you said CursePert wasn't affective... Well, see, I'm not using one. I am using an Original set that I AM keeping because in every team I have, I must have...
  2. "You're Bluffing" OU RMT

    Well, I initially tried to use Grass knot, but it failed, HARD. And considering my Celebi is used to ware down pokes with Leech Seed, I think a big damaging attack would be more affect. Think I am going to try out the LO set, even if it isn't as powerfull. Thanks for the help guys!!
  3. "You're Bluffing" OU RMT

    Ololol, I like how you put "(Shiny)Azelf..." Anyways, now that I think about it, Grass Knot WAS super dumb considering I had Taunt... Silly me. But yeah, Bulky Gyarados sounds like a great idea! Its a good compromise, it's a powerhouse but now I have some Bulk instead of barely helpful Speed...
  4. "You're Bluffing" OU RMT

    Reserved for POSSIBLE Threat List.
  5. "You're Bluffing" OU RMT

    Here Goes: I have been playing competitively for quite some time now. And believe it or not, I kinda started playing UU before I played OU. Sort-of... When I started, I had a really crappy OU that never won battles, but then I created a UU team, and I was BEAST at that tier. Anyways, I am...
  6. What UU pokemon are least common BUT have potential?

    Hell yes that sounds cool. Mind if I use it sometime? ANYWAYS, I haven't seen any Scythers that EndureSalacReversal at all really, but it worked wonders for me. After scouting and getting rid of priority users, this thing can SWEEP. It destroys things like Registeel, and other Physical walls...