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  • Thanks :D I like your team as well. And by like I mean I think it's balanced but it made me want to cry xD I've never been confused so many times.
    hey i saw you asking for battle and noone reply and remember you wanted to play again earlier, i have a few hours if you want to play again, we can play Mix Tier 3 UU 3 NU. If you want to use more than 3 NU that's ok too, it's legal in any battles on smogon and most other places to use lower tier pokemon in a higher tier, since they are considered less powerful, just not the other way around lol. If you want to play again VM me back and let me know.
    if your kind of new you might want to look at smogon's DEX it tells you what tier all the pokemon are in and has suggestive ideas too i just say b/c you said you werent sure what tier they were all in not trying to insult you or anything like that you played decently
    i can play again later, my mom gave me some errands to do before we even started playing and i just decided to wait until after our match but i need to go do them now sorry.
    thanks alot for playing me, i feel kind of bad b/c like 4 of your pokemon were NU and Alakazam is so fast lol :p i would have done mixed if i knew to make it more fair, but you did surprise me once or twice hehe
    ok i'm in wi fi room, my friend code was in my signature but just in case you missed it 0819-1585-3106
    ok, did you want NU or UU? i like NU but i play UU too also if you want to play that more, and also i need you friend code.
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