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  • You obviously do not know of my reputation. I am Bartman101, none of my reasonings for things make sense, even I accept that. I just do it to for fun, I've always done that, ever since I joined.

    Dude, I am probably the most hated user on this site. Do your research first before randomly blurting out crap.
    3:00 PM means 1:00 AM, which is too late for me in the middle of the week. I think our only option is friday/saturday/sunday.
    eh... so can you do this in weekdays too? remember, I'm 10 hours ahead x_x

    if you can't, we should do this on Friday or Saturday, about noon PST again?
    Ok, then this will be a bit of a problem. Is Sunday ok for you? I guess I can battle on, say, 10:00 PM (your noon) or earlier. I wouldn't prefer doing it later than that.
    So, we need to battle for the Smogon Tournament. Tell me your timezone and we'll see when we can do this. I'm GMT+2
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