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  • hey i'm free most of the day today and tomorrow, so we should have no problems getting this done. just vm me if you see me online and i'll do the same. if i dont respond its because i was on mobile and i'm not home atm.
    dpp ubers fite

    tomorrow would be great (as in, saturday)

    if you cant make it then, we'll schedule something for next week
    Hey Mysterion. I'm gonna sub you in for michael209 for DPP. The deadline is tomorrow at 11:59 EST. I understand if you can't play, as I already assumed we would take the activity loss for this match. Your opponent is The_Chaser. Again, if this doesn't work for you, don't worry about it. But if you think you can play a match by tomorrow at midnight feel free to do so. You can come on the team channel if you want to speak to me or one of my assistant managers.
    Hey Mysterioon,

    If possible would you be able to sub for UPL today? I know it's last minute, and right now it's not certain, but I may need you. Just let me know.
    shit i had to go to church and didnt see your message. Will you be able to play anytime today?
    we gotta play for ru tour. I wont be available friday or thursday but i'll be available all sunday and saturday.
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