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  1. Dugtrio (GP 2/2)

    Max Speed and Max Attack really should be your only EV spread as that 40 Def won't get you anywhere and the Support set isn't needed, sure it can reliably set up rocks but bulky set up pokemon usually work better. But Taunt should be considered on the set if QC lets it stay, Taunt is better than...
  2. Claydol Analysis [GP 0/2]

    Claydol QC Approved : PK Gaming, Sunch and Oglemi GP Approved : [Overview] One of the best Leds in 4th Gen back for another round in the new UU Ground / Psychic typing giving it weaknesses to common attacking types like Grass, Water and Dark Resistance to Stealth Rock and immunity...
  3. Zapdos (Analysis) [GP 2/3]

    jc104's contributions will have to wait until fully done so everything from the Choice set upwards is done, just leaving this note here. It will be done tomorrow. Ima go sleep now.
  4. Kingdra (Analysis) [GP 0/2]

    Made some additions based on PokeMontage's post
  5. Grammer-Prose Team Queue

    Kingdra UU is now ready for GP checks
  6. Kingdra (Analysis) [GP 0/2]

    This is now written :D
  7. Bouffalant (Analysis)

    Dusclops should get a mention for setting up Trick Room and having great synergy with Bouffalant also Tauros I believe can use a Choice Band better due to its speed so it deserves a mention but this bull can set-up so I think having a TR sweeper and slashing a Choice Band or mentioning it in AC...
  8. Grammer-Prose Team Queue

    UU Zapdos has had a "rookie" check which covered a lot of errors and I think it should be checked by a proper GP member, link is in my signature
  9. Gallade (QC 3/3)

    Ooh Ooh Bulk Up Bulk Up with Drain Punch, Psycho Cut and Shadow Sneak :)
  10. Suicune (Analysis)

    Doesn't Gligar get a mention for being a great team mate resisting grass and electric moves while Suicune can take ice type moves.
  11. Kingdra (Analysis) [GP 0/2]

    Sorry, should proofread when combining 2 analyses but it is changed now
  12. Kingdra (Analysis) [GP 0/2]

    Kingdra QC Approved: 3 / 3 : Oglemi, Snunch and Chou Toshio GP Approved: 0 / 2 : [Overview] <p>Kingdra was one of the many Pokemon that suffered from a tier drop this generation. While being one premier sweepers of OU and Ubers in Gen 4. It has now become one of the few UU Dragons. Its dual...
  13. Zapdos (Analysis) [GP 2/3]

    Changes made