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  • I've been trying to catch you on skype since you haven't been on Smogon for over a week :/

    If you happen hop back on before the round ends in a few days, please shoot me a VM with times you will be available. Thanks for being a fun student, even if the round is over when you are reading this feel free to contact me, i'll be more than happy to continue giving lessons.
    Hey man! I'm glad we were able to cover so much last night. Once we finish up teambuilding in the next lesson or two, we will be able to focus completely on battling, covering prediction/playing with preview more in depth, risk vs reward, that sort of thing.

    If we don't run into each other on skype tonight, does anytime Sunday work?
    Ideally i would like to get two sessions in this weekend..

    Would tonight (friday) be an OK time for one of these? If not, what times will you be free this Saturday and Sunday?
    Hey Nanners c: I'm excited. Do you have skype, do you prefer PO or PS? Let's get in a chat room or something!
    EDIT: Omg, i missed you by a couple minutes D: Ill be on for the next 5~ hours
    yea sorry dude, gl though, pokemon is a lot of fun, keep at it ;) i'm too old for this game lol
    hey dude, sorry I haven't been on at all, irl has been kicking my ass lately...I probably won't be on much in the future either, so if you want to sign up for the next round just put in your post "I had ala as a tutor but he was inactive so I am requesting one for this round" or something like that. Once again I apologize for the inactivity, good luck with your battling progress!
    Hey dude, sorry I wasn't on either called into work :( I'm 100% free Friday/Saturday coming up, and I'm going to try to be on tomorrow/Thurs as well. Sorry again, we will meet up I promise!
    Hey, I'm not gonna be on later today, friend is coming over. I'm free Tuesday in the evening though!
    oh good :D yea if you have any problems with it just lemme know. I just woke up so I'm gonna go shower and eat but I'll be on later. Just tell me when you want to meet up on Sunday and I'll be there :D
    IRC is a chatting program where a good chunk of smogon members socialize and what not. It's a great way to meet new people and become a part of the community :D

    That's the link there with tutorials on how to set it up if you are interested. I usually hang out in the channel #pokemon.
    Yeah, sorry, I worked 8am-4pm earlier today on like 3 hours of sleep, I was exhausted when I got home! :| If you have IRC we can use that, or skype, mine is: jameylariviere06 (my screen name is Jamey). I'm usually on IRC more often but I have no problems using skype as well. That's fine, we can meet up for Sunday if that works, I'll be on most of the day :)
    Hey man, it's nice to meet you! I'm excited as well :D I'm free all weekend (EST timezone) so we should get started whenever you're free! Let me know!
    Tutoring Program? Afraid not mate, I've never really been to any parts of the forum outside RMT, sorry about that.
    Ok, I've identified the issue, and it is an issue for all 5th Gen searches except C-Gear. Until I release a fix, don't start your searches from 1/1/2000. Any day after that is fine.
    Thanks, I've been able to reproduce it now. Hopefully I'll be able to fix whatever the issue is soon.
    I need details. Screenshots showing the problem would be best. Otherwise I have zero idea what kind of issue you are having.
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