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  • It's the same as B/W1 but there are some major additions, you can go have a look at it here: New Breeding Mechanics
    Yes, it's a 3Ds app and of course people already know how to RNG in B/W2. It's not like a new or anything.
    I had to get a special one from the dream radar from someone who traded it for me, luckily it was really RNG'd well.
    Yes it is. And Scarf moltres is actually pretty powerful. Plus, I'm using those kind of pokes for my brother, if that is ok with you. The mamo and the top part isn't, it's actually part of my team.
    I have a plan to take them out. And weavile is actually a pretty bad idea. Hmm, maybe try to rng moltres in 4th gen, if that is possible.

    Moltres item: choice scarf
    nature: modest (make it hp ground)
    evs: 6 hp, 252 sp. atk, 252 speed
    air slash
    hp ground
    heat wave

    If not, that is fine
    it's ok, work comes before pokemon....... sure, just two of my sets are going to be pm (and the other two will be in vm) to you.

    Weavile (Nightmare) item: focus sash
    nature: adamant
    ability: pressure
    evs: 6 hp, 252 atk, 252 speed
    might slash
    ice punch
    fake out

    Metagross (STRONG:3)item: occa berry
    nature: adamant
    ability: clear body
    evs: 210 hp, 252 atk, 48 speed
    meteor mash
    zen headbutt
    bullet punch

    And remember, I leave on the 28th, so be sure to do it before then.
    Oh okay so a little over a week left, I'll definitely be able to RNG the rest before then.
    Yeah I did, but the masters division match was kinda odd and boring to watch. Ikr, the spreads will help me in some of my matches.
    ok, I guess those 70 evs were pointless, I've changed the evs to 208, 252, 48 (hp, atk, and spd). And btw do you have a top? If so, if the top has 252 hp, 252 atk, 4 spd
    No, I'm using my own spread and set. oops, forgot to add 24 more evs on meta, so I would say 12 def and 12 sp. def
    Nah, I don't really want it to have calm, bold seems to work better for me. Plus, I will be using charti berry for him.
    Ah, I just want to outspeed common metas, so I can have the advantage. hmm, nvm thundurus........

    edit: oops, forgot to give you the date, I'm leaving for nats on Thursday night (the 28th of june). It starts on the 30th.
    Hmm, sure you can retrain that meta, I want it to be 164 hp, 252 atk, and 70 spd evs. And also is it adamant? Hp ice thundurus eh........idk, I'll take it, but what ivs does it have? Ok, I can wait a little longer for weavile and mamo.

    edit: what nature for thundurus?
    Can you rng few more pokemon? If so, can you rng Thundurus (don't train it and hp flying), Weavile, and meta (also don't train it)? You don't have to do them all at once , but at least finish it before nats. Don't rush, take your time :)
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