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  • Hi, I have egg with your sv 300 (This is Espartaaaa!!). Can you open, please? My fc: 2208-4339-6504.
    hi was wondering if you could haatch an egg for me please? if so what time do usualy come on? thanks in advance
    Hey! Hello, I have an Growlithe egg with your SV, can you help me hatch it please? Hope you can, thanks :)
    Hi, need help for a shiny Froakie to hatch. FC: 4098 3524 3230 IGN: Luke
    (Just to be sure: is your value 241? )
    hi I manage to get an egg with your shiny value can u breed it for me please I will give a zapdos modest nature or a charmander with 5 ivs
    Feel free to keep posting that you need me to hatch an egg but be aware I will get round to it when I can. Whenever that might be. Thanks
    I will be taking a break from Shiny Hatching. Sorry, but there has been a lot of requests lately and I can't keep up with them all
    Hi I know a lot of people are asking but I who's wondering if you could hatch a shiny for me? My fc is 2380 3845 7936 it would mean a lot if you could help out!
    Hey, I found your SV in the Google Sheet and I was wondering if you could help me hatch an Eevee . You would make me really happy. :) My FC is 0061-0065-5562, I already added you.
    The SV of the egg is 300, by the way. :) Thanks in advance!
    Hi, can you help me hatch my shiny gligar & nickname it Grimory? ^^

    I saw your ID in the google sheet and it matches my egg [SV:241].
    I've added your fc. What's ur character name? (in order to ensure I traded to the correct person) ^_^

    Here's mine: 0877-1052-4802
    Character name: Kaoru

    I don't have much.. I'll give you a male jolly hawlucha with 5IVs and unburden ability for your effort.
    Thanks alot. :)
    Yo dude,can you hatch an egg for me?

    FC : 4055-4071-0431

    I alredy added you,so just add me back.

    If you want something in return for helping me,if I can do it,i will do :3
    Added. Started a conversation with you to discuss more.
    ineed help for hatch an egg and you have de sv for shiny, do you helpme
    Hey, I'd be happy to help. Just send me your Friend Code and add mine.
    Let me know when you're ready and we'll trade
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