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  1. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Ahh that makes sense, I must have overlooked that bit -_- I thought it was just an area with wild pokes like grass or caves that did that (which I just found out is the case in Volcaronas room). Lucky I asked before trying lol Thanks :)
  2. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Ok, I've done my calibration, know what I'm aiming for so I just need some clarification. I've done a ton of this stuff in HG/SS and earlier but B/W is all new to me. I'm saved in front of Volcarona and want to hit the highlighted spread. So basically I just walk 2*128 steps with my team of 5...
  3. Newts Art thread

    They are both the same style, except the Jaggi has 3 main colours running through him and it just ended up being darker than I imagined by the end. The red stripe is actually the same base colour I used in the Barroth. I could put a different background in to lighten it up but I personally like...
  4. Newts Art thread

    As requested. Great Jaggi. Background is just a photo of a cave I took, then run through about 5 different filters. Came up a treat IMO
  5. Newts Art thread

    For those of you who know Monster Hunter. Heres a Barroth
  6. Newts Art thread

    Thanks. Guess I overlooked fixing that because I spent the last two days working on the left hand side of the pic. No point re-uploading it now, not until I have the background done and can post it as a finished item. Squirtle in general just sucked. No matter how many times I reshaped the...
  7. Newts Art thread

    Well I almost forgot about this thread. I bought Photoshop a week ago so to test it out I decided to finish what I started here. This is what I had come up with. One thing I did learn is to scan it in at a much higher resolution, the pixels on the artwork made it rather hard to keep smooth. I...
  8. The Old Mans Trading Thread

    Shiny Chandelure (♀)(OT)(46393) Timid - Flash Fire 31 | 26 | 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 : Ground 70 Fire Blast | OverHeat | Hidden Power | Shadow Ball Notes: Emulator used. *I'm walking on sunshine* Cloning method: AR code. Is this...
  9. Krul's Trade Thread 2.0

    Really? Since KarlMee moved over east I thought I was the only one left here. Should be more fun than I was expecting then :) Thanks for the trade
  10. Krul's Trade Thread 2.0

    Sure, let me know when you're ready to trade. I was actually looking at your VGC RMT (among others) earlier today, trying to get an idea of what to expect. I'll be competing in the Perth leg.
  11. Krul's Trade Thread 2.0

    Hey a fellow Aussie!! CMT for this when you have the time Terrakion Adamant/Justified 31/31/31/29/31/31 Caught Trial Chamber 4/4/2011 OT: Ryan ID:42137 Good luck anyways
  12. 5th Gen PRNG Help / Info - Latest: RNG Reporter 9.96.5, PPRNG 1.15.0

    Oh I must have missed that memo -_- Sorry about that. I'll promptly be deleting my post but thanks for the heads up.
  13. The Old Mans Trading Thread

    Yes I am OT of everything in my thread Which 5th gen pokes are yours?
  14. The Old Mans Trading Thread

    Sorry I missed this post, but read rule number two =/ I saw you had two of your own in there but they didn't interest me. I'll happily trade one or two of your choice for that banner when you are finished though... Small update: I've updated my list with genders like promised. Anyone have a...
  15. The Old Mans Trading Thread

    Sounds like a fair trade to me. I just seen you sent me a PM so we can discuss it there.