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  • Hey, got back. Lets try and go back to some tutoring tomorrow (if you're back ;) ). Then we can make up for this lost week and wrap it up properly!
    There are some pretty good tutorials about how to use irc on the website ( ). The reason im reccomending irc as way to get in touch is also because most of the community uses it. Its one of the best ways to integrate yourself in the community ;).

    Next also, what is your exact timezone? Im GMT +1, and the easiest way to contact me is usually between 6 and 8 pm that time (although Im on at many more hours, those are the ones im most certain about)
    Hey, I think the best way to do this is over irc, you can find me in many smogon related channels (like #dreamworld). Just pop on there some time and send me a message so we can start :)
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